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Architecting Personal Power

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This self-study program is all about exploring your personal power! We'll go over what is personal power - how to tap into it, how to build more of it. And I'll also show you how to create more self awareness, so you don't lose it and give it away to others. We can lose power in a variety of ways - unhealthy relationships, social situations, or even just by scrolling on social media! Most importantly, this course will help you to stay anchored in your power while still being connected to your heart. Self power is not about having an inflated ego and overpowering others! Personal power doesn't come from external situations, it's not conditional on outcomes, not created by status, and it doesn't need outside validation. True power comes from within - it means you have an unwavering sense of yourself and your purpose. We must know and feel good about who we are, have alignment with our vision and be able to honor our personal code of ethics. We must be able to connect to our heart and be present in our power with others. (Not over others!) By being anchored in your power, you'll improve your self image / self esteem, experience more emotional stability, and be able to uphold your boundaries with others. You'll also feel more confident and grounded. And you'll also be able to catch yourself when you're on the comparison train and get back into self love. The benefits are truly endless, so come join me on the journey! See you inside!

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