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Somatic Bodywork

Image by Erol Ahmed

Body Speak

Body Speak sessions integrate somatic bodywork, traditional massage, and reiki energy healing. It is a powerful and unique approach that addresses your physical and emotional body, your subconscious mind, energy field, and your human spirit. Each session includes a full body massage, reiki energy healing, and intuitive body reading.


Each session includes a full body massage, reiki energy healing, and an intuitive body reading.


Learn how to create a harmonious relationship between your inner dialogue, your emotional and physical responses to life, and the way you hold your energy and carry your spirit. 

These sessions are recommended for anyone experiencing emotional stress that is manifesting as atypical pain in the body. By diving into the subconscious and emotional holding patterns of your muscles, you create new pathways to heal on a mind, body, and spiritual level.

This is spiritual bodywork session and each session offers an opportunity for rebirth, recalibration, and deep transformation.

So... how does it work?

While addressing the physical muscles with massage therapy, I am able to hear the emotional and spiritual imbalances that often are at the root of pain, tension, or cause of injury. I am able to hear what is being held in certain parts of the body or muscles in that area.


These sessions are deeply personal.


By showing the correlation between self talk, toxic situations / beliefs, self doubt, and other emotional stress, tension, or wounding, we are able to work together to clear and release that tension as well as emotional build ups in the body.


These sessions by nature are very powerful and work on the physical, emotional, and spirit levels. 


You will leave with clear guidance, clearer energy, and a clearer sense of self. You will also know what parts of your body are  "storing" different situations, emotions, & elements in your life so you can begin to release and let it move through.

Body Speak sessions are 120 minutes. This includes a 90 min massage and time afterwards for Reiki and wrap up / questions at the end of the massage portion. 

Session Pricing~

Atwater Village studio $250 

In-home session $300 

*Online booking is not available for studio appointments. Please call or text to schedule. 415.470.1003

Image by Oksana Berko
Jazmine is a VERY gifted healer. BODY SPEAK is quite incredible! From Jazmine's soothing and relaxing touch to the very precise and powerful messages that she channels for you, the session is a true gift. I walked out with so much meaningful information about my current situation AND feeling so relaxed and loved. Everyone deserves to experience a session like that...many times, for guidance and for self love. Thank you Jazmine so much!

~ Shawni

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