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Hi, I'm Jazmine.

 I'm a spiritual bodyworker, energy healer, sacred drummer, massage therapist, and somatic mindfulness practitioner. In addition to practicing bodywork, I'm also a BodyMind Coach that helps you reconnect to your body's wisdom, so you can get out of your mind and all the stuck energy of overwhelm, and start to take action on your dreams, vision, purpose, and goals.

I've been practicing in the healing arts field for 10 years and all of my work draws from an extensive knowledge of bodywork and energy healing to help promote inner peace and wellness. I am also a certified Spiritual Life coach, Mindfulness Instructor, and Certified Trauma Support Specialist.

I am on a mission to lighten the heaviness of the human condition and to help you feel blissfully free spirited, connected to your heart, and liberated in your soul.

I love providing an experiential space for you to hear your spirit, connect to your inner guidance, and build self-trust in your body. 

It is my deep belief that when you feel safe in your body, well-resourced in your life, and are willing to be lead by your heart, that the world and your experience of it gets lighter, more joyful, and you're able to reconnect to your life of purpose, service, and bliss. 


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