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Empath Energy Coaching

Empath Energy Coaching is for spiritual empaths on the journey to becoming a more engaged, empowered, authentic version of themselves. Together, we'll craft a personalized program based on your specific need and area of focus, as well as build in key components of growth, boundary setting, healing/forgiveness, personal power, self-trust, intuition, and accountability.


By the end of this program, you will have a solid foundation on how to use your energy wisely and intelligently, know how to show up for yourself, create healthy boundaries, tap into and anchor your personal power, create a renewed self image, and experience deep healing shifts in your body, mind, energy, and heart. 


This is an individualized program that blends spiritual and personal development, energy healing, sacred drumming, and coaching to create true personal transformation.  

You'll also build a unique spiritual and personal toolkit that works for you. It's not about having one tool to help you through hard times, its about knowing (and having) the skill set to use the appropriate tool, at the right time, and for that specific situation. This will also empower you to release crutches, self sabotaging behavior, and destructive patterns that take the place of healthy habits and self awareness. 

During our time together, you'll receive ongoing weekly support, accountability, and encouragement to stay on the path so you can continue to do the work. I believe in every person I work with and their ability to grow, change, and heal.


Cheezily said, but genuine and true, I believe in you. 

And I offer support calls in addition to our sessions because I'm committed to making sure you get results and don't feel like you're striving on this journey alone. 

Two Important Things to Note: 

1) I am not a licensed therapist. It is out of my scope to work with someone that is currently suffering with clinical depression, suicidal thoughts or ideation, or has severe untreated PTSD without the additional support of a trained licensed therapist. 


2) This is for you, if you are spiritual empath who's ready to step into personal power and responsibility. You must be committed to doing the work. Just as I am fully committed to you getting results, you must be fully committed to showing up, continue to do the work when the session ends, and be willing to move out of any victimhood or helplessness mentality.


I believe 2023 is about re-engaging with life, our dreams, our future vision, our personal power so that we'll the have courage to create and walk our own path. This world needs more heart-centered, empathetic, and loving human beings that are willing to show up and be a light for others.


But I know, that service and leadership is often a long ways away when it comes to being an empath. Sometimes it just feels like you're constantly underwater swimming in survival mode. I understand that being ultra-sensitive can truly feel debilitating, overwhelming, and just noisy all the time. 


But being an Empath, doesn't mean you can't live a big, bright, and full life that feels authentic, full of magic and bliss. It doesn't mean you can't grow and learn to live a better way.


Managing energy is a skill set that will change your life. 


It's time to learn how to engage with the full spectrum of life, to be anchored in your energy, your personal power, and be able to flow with whatever life throws your way. It's time to get started, to do the things, make real progress, LIVE -

truly live and thrive. 

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A few of the major benefits you'll walk away with...
  • Learn how to feel, manage, and protect your energy. 

  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries with other people.

  • Learn where and what is causing you to leak energy and your personal power.

  • Build healthier habits to balance your energy and nervous system so you can ditch unhealthy coping cycles.

  • Build a better relationship with yourself and your energy so you can create better relationships with others.

  • Learn a system to anchor your spirit through the hard times so you can better navigate change and anxiety.

Major Breakthroughs made possible by doing this work...
  • A deeper sense of inner clarity and self awareness. 

  • The ability to stop all the noise within and stand firm in who you are, your energy, and your boundaries in a healthy way.

  • The ability to truly let go and forgive the past so you can move on and create the future.

  • Higher self esteem, deeper self love, self confidence.

  • Deeper connection with your spirit and your intuition.

  • Emotional, energetic, and mood stability and regulation.

  • True authenticity that doesn't hide, play small, or waver.

Your commitment and investment...

Empath Energy Coaching is a 12 week commitment. This ensures our ability to build a relationship of trust, safety, consistency, and results. 

  • 12 week sacred container : 1 weekly session (60-90mins). 

  • Includes weekly support and accountability.

  • $5,000 

Zoom or Phone consultations are required before initial investment. It's important that we meet, get a sense of each others energy and have time to discuss your current situation, areas of focus, and go over any concerns or questions. We'll also take time to clearly identify your specific goals and the desired outcomes you're looking for.


By the end of consultation we'll both have a good sense if this is the right program for you. If it is, we'll close by discussing how soon you'd like to move forward, any scheduling logistics, the investment and payment plan options if needed. 

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" Words cannot describe the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards Jazmine Craig, and her amazing and transformational empath coaching program.  I come from a long line of domestic violence, mental illness and addiction.  These terrible and traumatic circumstances have been present for many generations before me, and carried into my adult life with raising my own children in a home plagued by the same diseases.  I am very involved with Al Anon and therapy, however, I was still having terrible struggles in my work, marriage and raising my children.  I am an extremely sensitive person, and an empath, and felt as though I was being eaten alive by life.  I am also a teacher, and my struggles at home were greatly affecting my work life as well.  I suffered from very low self esteem, eating disorders, marijuana use, depression and extreme anxiety.  To say that I was barely surviving, is an understatement.  
One thing I have extreme gratitude for, is my desire to break these generational traumatic chains, and reach higher ground for my children.  G-d has a way of throwing us a rope, and after an extremely traumatic summer from my husband's substance abuse, I connected with Jazmine in one of the darkest periods of my life.  Through that extreme darkness, new light has come to be.  Jazmine has worked extensively with me to heal generational trauma, ptsd from my marriage, forgive unforgivable people and things for the sake of my own well being, and literally let go.  From these 6 months of work with Jazmine, I have stopped using marijuana as an emotional crutch, I have learned new healing practices to keep me emotionally regulated, enjoy my time in the classroom and with coworkers, and my jewelry business is thriving bringing new financial success I only dreamed of.  My self esteem has greatly improved, making me more balanced with my food and exercise routine, and my marriage is the best it has been in about ten years.  My children are much more emotionally regulated, as I have become a much better role model for dealing with adversity.  I highly recommend Jazmine for any woman who is climbing a mountain daily.  Life is hard, however, it doesn't need to be a tragedy.  Jazmine will teach you to see the blessings, not the curses, experience joy, guard your energy, and blossom to experience growth, healing, and success in all aspects of your life. "

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