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Reiki Healing & Sacred Drumming

Elemental Reiki
Sacred Drumming

Session Info & Pricing

Elemental Reiki is an integrated blend of reiki energy healing, elemental balancing, and spiritual guidance/coaching. Sessions include an energy clearing/balancing and an intuitive spiritual reading so you can experience transformational shifts in your energy, body, spirit, and emotions.  

By working with the elemental energy of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water you'll receive important guidance on how these elements are showing up in your life right now, how they want to be activated within you. We'll also address any areas of resistance that might be showing up for you and stopping a healthy flow of energy. 


You'll gain insights on how to balance your unique fire energy in a way that ignites you forward, but doesn't burn down the whole house. How to honor water, so you can flow with life, and not against it. How to balance air so you can release mental ruminations and cyclical thoughts and behaviors. And how to call in and open to the earth so you can receive, ground, and cultivate deep roots. 

These sessions are most helpful when geared towards a specific situation you are currently working through, or when there's a clear intention you are calling in and working towards. 


You'll also leave with clear guidance on how to keep working with the elements on your own, and how to cleanse and clear your energy daily, so you can continue to balance, open, and expand to the beautiful life force energy within you. 

Sacred Drumming journeyare a powerful tool that can be used on it's own, or as a way to continue the healing work of Body Speak and Elemental Reiki sessions. Sacred drumming offers a safe and powerful pathway for healing past trauma, receiving spiritual guidance, gaining inner clarity, identifying and connecting with spiritual guides, doing inner child work, and building better patterns and healthy behaviors (just to name a few). 


These sessions are an integrative blend of sacred journey meditations, intuitive self guidance, and energy healing alongside ancient shamanic wisdom. These sessions offer powerful guidance to help heal, shift, and expand your energy. (Sessions are done sober, and no plant medicine is used.)


Sacred drumming is a great alternative to talk therapy as it works on the spiritual, subconscious, and emotional planes rather than the plane of the logical/rational mind. It will also help in identifying and addressing the root of a situation at an energetic and subconscious level, so you can begin to work through and remove any emotional and energetic blocks that may exist.

Sacred Drumming is a beautiful way to cultivate a deeper relationship to your spirit guides, the elements, and the Universe. For the drum is one of the most ancient forms of spiritual communication, and often symbolized the circle of life and heartbeat of Mother Earth.


These sessions feel deeply sacred and feminine. They will usher you into your body, into the stillness, into your spirit. It's hard to write about how powerful and magical these sessions are, but I trust that if the drum is calling you, you'll know.

Elemental Reiki and Sacred Drumming healing sessions are both 60 mins.

Session Pricing ~

Atwater Studio Session - $115

In-Home Session - $150

Virtual Session - $100 


*Online booking is not available for studio appointments. Please call or text to schedule. 415.470.1003

The experience of sacred drumming with Jazmine was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. We found a picturesque natural spring hidden in the red rocks on a windy day, and then she lit incense to set the mood. She called upon all of the elements to bring in a cohesive environment. From the echo of her deer hyde drum to her hands full of energy during the reiki session I felt every emotion. She brought my spirit guide to me in a way that moved my whole body emotionally and physically. It was an incredible experience I wish everyone could have.  

~Julia Nuzzo

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