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Holistic Healing Massage

Why experience a Bliss Massage?

Because at the end of the day, it's never just about technique and getting out knots. The setting, pace, rhythm, style of touch, music, demeanor and energy of the massage therapist are all unspoken things that your body naturally picks up on and will inform your perception of the massage you're getting.


As an avid consumer of massage, I know that most of us decide within the first 5 minutes if this will be a "good massage" or not. We must truly feel that the therapist understands our tension and pain, cares about our body, and will personalize the session and not just give us a basic routine. It's a whole vibe and we pick up on it instantly. 

This is what ultimately cues our body and mind to fully let go and relax. And the difference, is care.

We pick up on the level of care in our therapist and in the environment in the first 5 mins. And we'll only relax to the ability that we feel safe, reassured, and confident that we're in good, safe, caring hands.

This is what makes a Bliss Massage so different. It's the personification of care. 

Although results are the main reason for the techniques I use, a bliss massage blends technique, healing touch, and energetic healing and presence with holistic care.


Bliss massages artfully craft 11 years of bodywork experience, education, and result oriented modalities and techniques into your massage experience. I pair advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, fascia and pain patterns with healing touch, so that you are able to deeply relax, get your desired benefits, and feel energetically, emotionally, and physically cared for by the end of the session. 


Stress in the body is created by our internal and external environments, and has an emotional, energetic, and physical reaction in the body. When you experience stress, to fully treat it, it must be addressed from all angles. This is always the aim of a Bliss Massage, and trust me when I say, you will notice the difference. 


So what can I expect? 


These are integrative holistic sessions that are healing in nature and personalized just for you. I will always invite you to tune into what your body needs in the moment and be comfortable communicating it with me. I am highly intuitive and am always tuning into how your body is reacting to the work and will adjust accordingly.  

Also, I use only organic or natural products, and high quality essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, skin allergies or sensitivities please let me know and I'm happy to accommodate your skin care needs. 

I look forward to being a part of your wellness care journey.  

Session Pricing ~ 

Atwater Village Studio*

$115 - 60 mins  

$147 - 75 mins   

$180 - 90 mins

$230 - 120 mins


In-Home Session**

$150 - 60 mins

$188 - 75 mins

$225 - 90 mins

$300 - 120 mins

Emotional Release Spiritual Massage ~ 

$300 - 2.5hrs  Studio

$350 - 2.5hrs  In-Home

*Online booking is not available for studio appointments. Please call or text to schedule. 415.470.1003


** Please inquire about travel fee if you reside in Malibu, South Bay, or OC. Thank you.**



Image by Syuhei Inoue
" My entire session with Jazmine was healing. I was at ease from the beginning. I was particularly taken by her ability to switch seamlessly from bodywork to energy work and back again. I am still feeling the benefits from our session, a week later. Highly recommend! "

~ Jesse Lumb

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